Commercial Direct Drive Nylon Misting System Kit

The Commercial Direct Drive Nylon Misting System Kit includes a direct drive misting system pump, filter starter kit, 50 feet of feeder line to reach your misting lines and 20-90 feet of the misting lines themselves (Including standard nozzles). Please note: There are some important factors to consider in choosing a misting system. Please take a look at the following: If you need to locate the pump more than 50 feet away, you will need to add some feed line to your order. Enough fittings will be included to surround a rectangular area. If you require more 'turns' than that, you will need to add fittings. If you live where typical humidity levels are over 65%, we recommend a nozzle upgrade for each 10 foot kit. If your water contains high levels of calcium deposits, you should add a calcium filter and filter housing as well. Please look for these additions in our online store while ordering.

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